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Filament Wound Isogrid Aircraft Fuselage Flies High at JEC

The project demonstrator part, a filament wound carbon fibre isogrid supporting structure for aircraft fuselage, was showcased at the JEC Europe exhibition in March 2014 where it helped raise awareness of the project.

Project Demonstrator Parts to be Showcased at JEC, Paris

Filament wound carbon fibre isogrid supporting structure for aircraft fuselage to be showcased at the JEC exhibition in Paris on 11th - 13th March 2014.

Project Presented at EASN3, Milan

The project was presented by project partner and discussed at EASN3 in Milan on 09/10/2013.

Project Final Review and Workshops

The project final review and workshops were scheduled to coincide with ECCM16 in Seville, in June 2014. Local dissemination actions, together with consortium meetings and final review meetings with Project Officer will take place.

Two project partners participated in ICCM19, Canada

Two project partners participated in ICCM19 in Canada (29/07/2013) where several project dissemination actions were realized, namely technical presentation, distribution of flyers and bilateral meeting with local stakeholder.

Mid-term workshop INEGI, Portugal

A mid-term workshop was held at INEGI in Portugal by 18/06/2013, together with the 6th consortium meeting. Real insights to the manufacturing feasibility were provided to all partners through visualization of on-site production of representative specimens by filament winding. Also, a very successful dissemination of the intermediate results was issued through a dedicated session programmed within the international conference ICCS17, from which several contacts with stakeholders of these technologies were established.

Mid-term review meeting, Belgium

A mid-term project review meeting took place at the European Commission in Belgium on 21/02/2013. The progressive accomplishment of the of the project milestones was emphasized by the Project Officer and the continuing commitment of all partners was rewarded with a very positive feedback and support for the remaining project.

5th consortium meeting at University of Patras, Greece

The 5th consortium meeting took place on 22/11/2012 at University of Patras in Greece. The manufacturing and test plans were slightly re-scheduled accordingly with the real progress of the project and using the knowledge effectively gathered so far.

4th consortium meeting at KhAI, Ukraine

The 4th consortium meeting took place on 20/05/2012 at KhAI in Ukraine. Several design decisions were taken and/or reformulated due to effective constraints reported from manufacturing partners, dealing with feasibility.

Improved Methodology for Progress Updates

An improved methodology for the progress updates was established through monthly tele-meetings between all partners. First was held in 13/03/2012.

1st year progress review meeting at the European Commission, Belgium

The 1st year progress review meeting was held at the European Commission in Belgium on 15/02/2012. Leading partners presented the progress of the work thus far to the Project Officer. The informal and formal evaluations were highly positive and a GO decision was taken.

3rd consortium meeting at ATG, The Netherlands

The 3rd consortium meeting took place on 07/12/2011 at ATG in The Netherlands. The design principles were agreed and closed, while preliminary demonstrative self-stiffened panels were presented.

2nd Consortium meeting at Piaggio Aero, Italy

The second meeting took place on 22/06/2011 at Piaggio Aero in Italy. Partners showcased the progress that has been made thus far, which includes: the design and analysis of the ribs and skin, selection of materials , and successful filament winding and tape laying trials.

WASIS Kick-Off Meeting

The WASIS kick-off meeting took place on 19/01/11 at CIDAUT in Spain. The project was discussed in detail with decisions being made in order to provide clear directions and plans for the initial design and development work.

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