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Overview of the WASIS Project

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Aeronautics is a key asset for the future of Europe, but nowadays the industry has to face the challenge of “More Affordable, Safer, Cleaner and Quieter” while at the same time accounting for a demand that will triple over the next 20 years. The WASIS project aims to rise to this challenge with the development of a composite fuselage structure based on the lattice stiffening concept, optimizing geometrical and mass properties of transition zones of fuselage structural joints.

The project's overall concept is focused on simultaneously meeting environmental demands and rising safety coupled with design and manufacturing cost-efficiency improvement. The lattice approach allows composites to obtain more efficient mechanical behaviour, reducing weight and optimizing structure performance, which will be proved by comparative simulations against other approaches. This will be combined with specially designed semi-loop and micro-pin joining elements to provide the ability of innovative non-regular lattice structure manufacturing, save aircraft weight, avoid fuselage section weakening due to cutting reinforcement fibres.

Furthermore, the structure will also be developed to better withstand worst situation loadings, assessing safety through the large adoption of simulation and virtual testing from the very first design stages to analyze explosions and material damping. The developed innovative fuselage section design will be merged with high-productive filament winding technology to reduce manufacturing costs and time, and samples will be manufactured in order to prove how the different concepts fit together. Complete testing of the samples will be applied to prove the wafer approach. As a result of this project's integrated approach sufficient fuselage weight savings, manufacturing cost/time efficiency and safety increasing will be achieved.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               To make the step towards “Vision for 2020”, the WASIS project consortium is going to achieve several ambitious goals by applying an integral approach at all stages of the aircraft design and production process:

• To reduce composite fuselage section weight in comparison with respect to conventional stringer scheme section due to wafer structure development.

• To reduce aircraft fuselage weight due to structure integrity increasing and replacement of conventional joint units by innovative micro-fastener joining elements.

• To raise fuselage section safety in worst case situations in comparison with respect to conventional stringer scheme section due to wafer structure high damage tolerance.

• To reduce aircraft manufacturing costs due to application of fully automated manufacturing process for regular and non-regular wafer structure with openings and embedded micro-fastener joints.

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