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Piaggio Aero Industries SpA

Piaggio started aviation activities in 1915 and has since designed and manufactured more than 50 aircraft types. Today Piaggio Aero Industries is involved in three main business areas: Executive and multi-utility aircraft, Aerostructures, Engines parts. The most famous PIAGGIO product is the P180 Avanti, an innovative three lifting surfaces business aircraft which is currently produced at a rate of 17 aircraft per year. PIAGGIO has a designated group in charge to develop advanced technologies and calculations to be integrated or used in future programmes. Piaggio Aero Industries aims at improving its capabilities to design and manufacture small business and commercial aircraft, and creating the necessary network of European industries and research centres. By adapting the know-how that has brought success to the large European commercial airliners  and introducing some key technologies specially suited for the small commercial aircraft sector, Piaggio Aero expects to significantly reduce the “time-to-market”, and overall development and operational costs, as well as decrease the environmental impact of small commercial aircraft.

Piaggio Aero
Contact Details

Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A.
Via Campi Flegrei 34
80078 - Pozzuoli (NA) 

Tel: +39 081 8676 111
Fax:  -
Email:  -
Website:  www.piaggioaero.com

Personnel Involved:
Gianvito Apuleo
Massimiliano Bertino
Alessandro Morando
Barbara Orlando
Roberto Petillo

Role in Project

PiaggioAero will take part on the project as an active end user, providing the requirement operational loads involve on the fuselage performance as well as taking part in design and testing related activities.

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