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National Aerospace University “KhAI”

National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) is one of the leading engineering Universities of the former USSR, and the only engineering University in Ukraine providing a full spectrum of higher education in aerospace science and engineering. Long-term involvement in aircraft development (first European passenger aircraft with retractable landing gear “KhAI-1” was built in 1932) provides University with wide experience in original ideas generation, new design approaches and methodologies development, structures manufacturing and testing. KhAI has more than 30-years’ experience in the field of composite materials R&D (design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, etc.), and application in aeronautic structures. KhAI research results in composite-related areas are deeply integrated in engineering and manufacturing processes of post-soviet, Russian and Ukrainian worldwide known aerospace companies. Nowadays KhAI is a globally recognized aerospace research centre. It is focused on innovative research across the aerospace industry. The university takes part in research activities with academic and industrial partners from a large number of European and International countries.

Contact Details

National Aerospace University “KhAI”
17 Chkalova str.
Ukraine, 61070

Tel:+38 057 719-0473
Fax: -
Email: iar@khai.edu
Website: www.khai.edu

Personnel Involved:
Igor Rybalchenko - Deputy Vice-Rector
Igor Taranenko - Ph.D Associate Professor
Lina Smovziuk - Ph.D. Researcher
Yakov Karpov - Dr.Sc. Professor
Sergey Kryvenda - Ph.D. Associate Professor
Maryna Shevtsova - Ph.D. Associate Professor
Fedir Gagauz, Ph.D - Associate Professor
Role in Project
KhAI will be involved in fuselage section design and safety assessment. As a stakeholder of novel micro-fastener joining technology, KhAI will strength WASIS wafer design approach with high-efficient joint elements to develop integral fuselage structure with minimal weight and manufacturing costs. Some specific tasks in manufacturing process development and prototypes testing also will be done with assistance of KhAI.
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