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Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica e Gestão Industrial

INEGI is an interface Institution between University and Industry, oriented to the activities of Research and Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer. Being a non-profit private association and recognised by the Portuguese Government as being of public utility, INEGI is currently considered an active agent playing a significant role in the development of the Portuguese industry, and in the transformation of its competitive model. Its Mission is the development of R&D and Innovation projects. The Composite Materials and Structures Research Unit (UMEC) is one of the key units of INEGI. It has gathered long theoretical and practical experience in the following composites processing technologies: Filament Winding, Pultrusion, RTM / LCM, Autoclave, Weaved and unidirectional Prepregs, Braiding, Preforming Technologies, New Materials Development and Characterization, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and Finite Elements (FEM) Modelling. At the international cooperation level, INEGI has been involved in R&D projects commissioned by private and state owned companies, public services and European programs such as BRITE, COMETT, SPRINT, ESPRIT, MNAA and GROWTH. The projects covered areas as diverse as Production Engineering, Thermal Energy, Structural Engineering, Tooling, Composite Materials and Management Sciences.

Contact Details

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management

Tel:  +351 229578710
Fax:  +351 229537352
Email:  inegi@inegi.up.pt
Website: www.inegi.up.pt/

Personnel Involved:

Hugo Faria
José Cerqueira
Nuno Correia – Director of the Composite Materials and Structures Research Unit
Joana Tavares – Financial Administratrive  

Role in Project

INEGI will contribute to the project with its composite materials consolidated know-how, manufacturing expertise, and recent experience in organization of international events. INEGI will participate taking part in the manufacturing design and prototyping tasks. INEGI’s most relevant contribution will be on the development of filament winding prototypes. Additionally, INEGI will lead the Dissemination and Exploitation Work Package.

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